Looking for the Cutest Answer

Puzzle. A boy fell off of a 30 meter ladder, but didn’t get hurt. Why not?



  1. Hemant:

    He fell from the bottom rung 🙂

  2. Gregory Adam Marton:

    It was lying flat on the ground at the time.

  3. Jessica:

    Because he was falling in love with a girl on a balcony.

  4. David A Petersen:

    He was in space and everything was already (free) falling

  5. Christy Lawlor:

    He was a baby bird

  6. Samuel Murphy:

    He was working on a boat. He did get wet.

  7. Leo B.:

    That won’t be the cutest answer for sure, but nevertheless:

    He was already dead.

  8. lvps1000vm:

    The ladder was laying sideways on the floor, and the boy was using it as balance beam.

  9. tanyakh:

    I love all the answers.

  10. Tom M:

    His name was Clark Kent

  11. alexanderr:

    the ladder was 30 meter wide, but it was not very long or tall

  12. Ary Tebeka:

    The top of the ladder was next to the window on the side of a building and he just fell through the window to the floor (on the bed was was standing there!).

  13. David Shukan:

    The question was asked 0.2 seconds after he started falling. Ask again in a few seconds and the answer will be different.

  14. Bert:

    He wore his brand new fall protection harness, a present from his girlfriend.

  15. Fabio:

    Zeno’s paradox: The boy cannot fall. First, he must get to 15 meters, but before there, to 7.5 meters, and so on. He will never leave the top… But how did he get there? 🙂

  16. suevanhattum:

    It was the ladder to the diving board and he fell into the water.

  17. madeofmistake:

    “30 meters” was the brand name of the ladder. The actual ladder itself wasn’t that high.

  18. Geoff Dunstan:

    He fell into his mother’s arms.

  19. AP:

    The loss of control triggered a shift in mentality and a boy became a man.

  20. Vatsal:

    It was all a dream !

  21. Leon steed:

    Because he didn’t fall off the ladder – it’s fake news.

  22. yanwen xia:

    I guess he won’t get hurt if he falls off the ladder on the moon, where no gravity pulls him down.

  23. Ed:

    It was in VR.

  24. Mignon:

    Because it is not the falling that hurts – it’s the landing

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