Calculus in Life

Here is an old joke.

A former student runs into an old calculus teacher as she is shuffling home. The student is happy to see her and says, “I recently thought about you and our classes.” “How so?” she perks up. “I was in a bit of a pickle when calculus helped me,” he says. The old lady straightens, and her face begins to glow. “Can you elaborate?”, asks the teacher in anticipation. The student proceeds with his story. “I was walking home in the pouring rain when a gust of wind snatched my hat right off my head. The hat landed in a puddle. This wasn’t just any hat; it was a gift from my dad, so I really wanted to get it back. But I didn’t exactly fancy diving headfirst into the puddle. So, I looked around and saw a piece of wire. I bent it into the shape of an integral and used it to fetch my hat.”


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