Punny Answers

I’ve been collecting math jokes for many years, but I was avoiding puns, mostly because of my English. Puns are among the most difficult things to master in a language. Here are some punny jokes that I finally understand.

* * *

—Who invented the Round Table?
—Sir Cumference.

* * *

—Why didn’t the hyperbola feel sick?
—It was asymptote-matic.

* * *

—Which triangles are the coldest?
—Ice-sosceles triangles.

* * *

—What’s the one shape you should avoid at all costs?
—A TRAP-ezoid.

* * *

—What do you call more than one L?

* * *

—What do you call a number that can’t keep still?
—A Roamin’ Numeral.


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  1. Ivan:

    Let me share a thought of mine, which sounds like pun and aphorism at the same time:
    “Real people are like real numbers. They are mostly irrational, which makes them feel normal.”

    If someone does not find it funny, they can reacquaint themselves with the definitions (of real, irrational and normal numbers). Building a Venn diagram is not necessary 🙂

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