Snowball Sentences

Here are some snowball sentences suggested by my students.

  • I do not know about radon’s, osmium’s, polonium’s abilities.
  • I am the only short person playing football.
  • “I am not even smart,” mother remarks.
  • I do not know where people acquire insanity.
  • “A no,” Joe said while eating burgers mightily adultlike.
  • I am not very happy during Mondays.
  • I do not joke.
  • I be—arr, mate—avast!
  • I do not know super skates.
  • I do not fear yucky cheese; however, kamikaze elephants jackhammer lumberjacks blackjacking backpedalling brontosauruses, artificializing territorializing icositetrahedrons.

Can you invent some other snowball sentences? But first, you need to figure out what they are.



  1. Rachel:

    “I am the king”, sayeth Richard mightily.

  2. GeorgeR:

    I do not like juicy iconic steadily increasing isomorphic Rhombicosahedrons

  3. tanyakh:

    The two examples above are in the spirit but not formally snowball sentences.

  4. Oscar Cunningham:


  5. George R:

    I am not very happy acting pleased whenever prominent scientists overmagnify intellectual enlightenment, stoutheartedly outvociferating ultrareactionary retrogressionists, characteristically unsupernaturalizing transubstantiatively philosophicoreligious incomprehensiblenesses anthropomorphologically Pathologicopsychological!

    Multidimensionalplagiarism! (Of course..)

  6. CyberKK:

    I do not know about making correct snowball sentences.

  7. Ziv:

    Thanks to a 2017 children’s TV series, we have this snowball sentence fragment from Shakespeare: 2 be oar knot Tobee.

  8. Wilm Boerhout:

    0 on his sign meant really nothing.

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