Trump’s Ban is Good for Trump’s Business

Like many people, I was appalled by Trump’s immigration ban. On the Internet I found many essays that explained that he did not include in the ban those majority-Muslim countries in which he has business interests. See for example, an article at Forbes with a nice map, and an article at NPR.

Now the countries that are excluded are motivated to continue to support Trump’s businesses, and to offer him bribes and good deals in exchange for staying out of the ban. The countries on the list are also motivated to approach Trump and offer him a sweet business deal.

So even if the courts stopped the ban, he has already succeeded in showing every country in the world that to be on his good side requires that they pay up. And China got the hint and granted Trump a trademark he’s been seeking for a decade.

Looks like Trump’s vision of a great America is a very rich Mr Trump.



  1. Felipe Pait:

    You tell it like it is.

  2. Alex:

    Having read about your own life in bigoted and anti-semitic ussr, it’s truly sad to see you don’t see reality of life in this country. The same brain washing that worked on the masses in ussr got to you in US. Less NPR, less propaganda.

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