My New Yellow Road

I started my Yellow Road a year ago on February 9, 2013, when my weight was 245.2 pounds. My system worked for eight months. I lost 25 pounds. Then I went to two parties in a row and gained four pounds. According to my plan, I was supposed to eat only apples after lunch. It was too difficult to stick to that, and I got off-target. My target weight continued decreasing daily, as per my plan, while I got stuck. The growing difference between my real weight and my target weight was very discouraging, so I lost my momentum.

I decided to reset the target weight and restart the plan. I changed my plan slightly to incorporate the lessons I had learned about myself.

On February 9, 2014, I started my New Yellow Road. I weighed 223.2 pounds. So I reset my target weight to be 223.2 on February 9. Each day my target weight goes down by 0.1 pounds. I weigh myself each morning. If I am within one pound of my target weight, I am in the Yellow zone and I will eat only fruits and vegetables after 5:00 pm. If I am more than one pound over my target weight, I am in the Red Zone and will eat only apples after 5:00 pm. If I am more than one pound below my target weight, I can eat anything.



  1. Sameer:

    Tanya, have you tried Crossfit? May I suggest you consider giving it a shot? It’s less “hardcore” than what most people think. And, it’s extremely effective. But, Crossfit gyms are independently run so they’re not all the same. I recommend checking Yelp reviews for the local Crossfit gyms.

  2. Paul:

    Hi, I just found your blog. Judging from your other posts it sounds like salt might be a confounding factor in your diet. Eating a big dinner is probably not going to cause you to gain two pounds overnight. However, eating a saltier (and tastier) than normal dinner can easily cause you to retain an extra 2 lbs of water overnight. A reward system based on daily weight is probably going to measure salt intake as much as BMI and sounds really stressful. Maybe you could try a rolling average and adjust behavior weekly? Have you looked the variance between days? It sounds like a good null model might be helpful.

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