Mathy Problems from the 2014 MIT Mystery Hunt

The last MIT Mystery Hunt was well-organized. It went smoothly—unlike the hunt that my team designed the year before. Sigh. As I do every year, here is the list of 2014 puzzles related to math.

There were also several puzzles requiring decoding or having a CS flavor.

I want to mention one non-mathematical puzzle.

  • Operator Test. It is based on puzzles from the previous years and one of them was Wordplay, co-written by me.

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  1. Chieu Nguyen:

    Not to promote my own puzzles, but in case you overlooked them and would be interested in solving them, A Puzzle with the Answer YOUKILIS is a projective geometry puzzle, and Time Flies is a linguistics-flavored combinatorics puzzle. And perhaps Assemble Me should also be included in the CS list. I’m glad you enjoyed our hunt!

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