World Championship Puzzles

WPC Volume 1Do you like challenging puzzles? Are you tired of sudoku? Here’s your chance to try your hand at puzzles that are designed for world puzzle championships.

I’ve already done the homework for you — and it turned out to be more complicated than I anticipated. The world puzzle federation has a website, but unfortunately they are lazy or secretive. It is difficult to find puzzles there. A few puzzles are available in the World Puzzle Federation Newsletters.

Since I am stubborn, I spent a lot of time looking for championship puzzles. I found them in books. Here is the list I compiled so far. If you too are interested in high-level puzzles, this ought to make your search a lot easier. The book titles are confusing, so I added a description of what’s in them.

One of my favorite puzzle types is Easy as ABC. You have to fill one of A, B, C, and D in each row and column. The letters outside the grid indicate which letter you see first from that direction. Here is one from the 2011 newsletter:

Easy as ABC



  1. Jo in OKC:

    Do you follow the blog Melon’s Puzzles?

    He publishes various types of puzzles and does periodic PDFs of a bunch of a single puzzle type.

  2. Carl Johan:

    Lots of similar puzzles can also be found on websites, and is generally more updated (and free!)

    Logic Masters India, Croco-puzzle, Puzzle picnic and Nikoli (not free) are some of the sites with many puzzles. Nikoli and Akil Oyunlari are magazines with a similar focus, and there are also blogs like the ones of Thomas Snyder or Para’s puzzles.

  3. Tanya Khovanova:

    Thank you, Jo and Carl for suggestions.

  4. Lorenzo Troisi:

    A good variety of puzzles can be found in US Puzzle Championship tests through (“Past US Championships and Qualifying Tests” links). Every single test is free to download, but look for passwords to open some of the pdf files. You should also register to the new interface to see the puzzles from 2010 on.

    These will give a good idea of what goes on in World Puzzle Championships. Plus, you can test yourself against most of the best puzzle solvers out there, with diverse–and best-quality–puzzles. Participation is also free and open to all.

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