Nerdy Jokes from the Russian Web

* * *

Engraved on a mathematician’s tombstone: “Q.E.D.”

* * *

—You act very brave on the Internet. But could you repeat this looking into my eyes?
—Sure. Send me your picture.

* * *

—Your birthday?
—December 26th.
—What year?
—Every year.

* * *

Teacher: “How much do we get if we cut eight into two halves?”
Student: “Two threes, if we cut vertically; and two zeros, if we cut horizontally.”


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  1. Joe Crowe:

    I came to the same conclusion on the IQ Test involving the shapes. In fact, I took the dot in the center of the polygons as an important clue. The right triangle being the only non-symmetrical shape. Not-withstanding my hypothesis that in the 2nd dimension, ALL shapes would exhibit symmetricality…

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