My Love Affair with Sugar

SugarImagine a slice of buttered white bread with a heap of sugar on top. That was my favorite lunch when I was a kid. My mom was working very hard, I was the oldest sister, and this was what I would make for myself almost every day.

Later someone told me that sugar is brain food. I believed that sugar and chocolate helped me do mathematics, so my love for sugar got theoretical support. I finally figured out the source of this love when my first son was born. To teach my son to stop requesting milk at night, my mother pushed me to give him sugar-water instead. At that moment, I realized that I developed my love of sugar with my mother’s milk. Or, more precisely, instead of my mother’s milk.

Now there is more and more evidence that the love of my life is a mistake. See for example Is Sugar Toxic?. Will I ever be able to break my oldest bad habit, the one I developed before I can remember myself doing it?



  1. misha:
    may help.

  2. misha:

    Great chcolate with very little sugar: + +
    makes delicious hot chocolate.

  3. misha:

    The second ingredient for the hot chocolate should’ve been

  4. kevin:

    You forgot to mention the part where you got diabetes

  5. misha:

    To Kevin: I don’t have diabetes, I just want to stay away from sugar and refined startches. Feel better this way.

  6. misha:

    Most of the commercial food is loaded with sugar and salt, both make people sick.

  7. misha:

    About bread:

  8. Emmanuel:

    If you keep staying away from things you like, perhaps you may die in perfect health …

  9. misha:

    Not all things. just the harmful ones.Besides, once you get away from over-salted and over-sugared stuff, you will start enjoying more delicate tastes and flavors of your food.

  10. Kellen:

    Have you seen this pretty funny math web series?

    Episode 1:
    Episode 2:

  11. Matematik Konuları:

    I like butter and sugar on a bread. That was my favoritte creakfast. I like fried bread.

  12. Chris Chang:

    Sadly, there seem to be a few lifestyle tradeoffs between longevity and mental throughput.

    IIRC, Von Neumann was quite the consumer of sweets as well, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially since cancer got to him first…

  13. Chris Chang:

    Okay, after reading the linked NYT article, I have to partially retract my last paragraph since it’s being claimed that sugar does actually promote cancer. bleah.

    I stand by my basic point, though.

  14. Tara:

    Try eating dates instead. Mmm dates. Also, I do think you can kick a habit that you acquired so early in your life, heck you can even fix problems that you got while you weren’t even born(through mothers anxiety etc). I’ve heard a lot of bad things about sugar, even read a book on harm that sugar had on mankind, but I think in the end you have to pay attention to your body and the reaction you have after sugar and then decide what’s most benificial. Also, you don’t want to feel like you’re depriving yourself (that could get your body in worse condition in the long run), so you have to find something that will replace the void that sugar fills for you. I use fruit. Fruit is awesome. Especially dates and bananas. Ofc, it could be something that isn’t food.
    In my case, I had a huge incentive to kick sugar, cause my mind was a mess and half the time I didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was feeling. It’s better now.

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