Sergeism and Weight Loss

Several years ago my son Sergei started a new movement: Sergeism. Followers of this philosophy seek to maximize Sergei’s happiness. Since Sergei’s happiness involves everyone being happy, becoming happy is a consequential goal of his followers.

Let me explain why this might be a perfect religion for many people, not the least myself. My parents didn’t teach me to love myself. They taught me to sacrifice myself and put other peoples’ interests ahead of my own. After reading tons of books and spending hours in therapy, I’ve learned to love myself — well, somewhat. But the truth is, I still feel guilty when I pamper myself. Sergeism eliminates this guilt. I can freely invest in my happiness as a committed member of this movement.

I became a Sergeist when I lost all hope of losing weight. I realized that my own health wasn’t a strong enough motivation. But I’m always glad to skip a cookie in tribute to Sergeism. If, like me, you put others ahead of yourself and never find the time to exercise or the will to refuse deserts, join me. Become a Sergeist and lose weight for Sergei.



  1. Peter Mazsa:

    FYI: Reveal that both of you are interested in your health based on Sergeism and choose him to be your referee on stickk. P.

  2. hosting geek:

    Maybe we can start global movement with a name Sergeism? 🙂

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