You Are Welcome to Contact Me, But …

My webpage and my blog generate a lot of emails. I love receiving most of the emails, but if I reply to them, I won’t have time to work on my blog. My favorite type of message is one that is full of compliments, with a note that the writer doesn’t expect a reply.

I am grateful to people who send me things I requested, like pictures of Russian plates, or some interesting number properties. I apologize that it takes me so long to reply.

The emails that I don’t enjoy reading contain amazing elementary proofs of Fermat’s last theorem, or any other theorem on the Millennium list, for that matter. I also do not like when my readers ask me for help with their homework.

Like most people, I’m already dealing with spammers who want to enlarge the body parts I do not have or to slim the ones I do have. However, if you do need to send me millions of dollars that I won in your lottery, there is no reason to waste time on email exchanges: you can process them through my “donate” button.

You are welcome to contact me, but ….


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