A Math Guide to the MIT Mystery Hunt 2011

As I did for 2010 and for previous years, here are math-related puzzles from the MIT Mystery Hunt 2011.

Two more puzzles deserve a special mention for their nerdiness. My teammates loved them.



  1. Jenny:

    The links don’t appear to be working…

  2. Tanya Khovanova:

    Jenny, they work for me, slowly.

  3. Jenny:

    Oh, now they do! Before, it was just “Page not found”

  4. JBL:

    Technological crisis was indeed fun — it’s nice to have a puzzle with directions, for once :). I really enjoyed the Build Your Own Acrostic from Zelda World: https://ihavetofindpeach.com/puzzles/zelda/build_your_own_acrostic/ — three meshing of the three answers was beautiful.

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