Evolutionarily Stable Strategy

Robert Calderbank and Ingrid Daubechies jointly taught a course called “The Theory of Games” at Princeton University in the spring. When I heard about it I envied the students of Princeton — what a team to learn from!

Here is a glimpse of this course — a problem on Evolutionarily Stable Strategy from their midterm exam with a poem written by Ingrid:

On an island far far away, with wonderful beaches
Lived a star-bellied people of Seuss-imagin’d Sneetches.

Others liked it there too — they loved the beachy smell,
From their boats they would yell “Can we live here as well?”
But it wasn’t to be — steadfast was the “No” to the Snootches:
For their name could and would rhyme only with booches …

Until with some Lorxes they came!
These now also enter’d the game;
A momentous change this wrought
As they found, after deep thought.

Can YOU tell me now
How oh yes, how?
In what groupings or factions
Or gaggles and fractions
They all settled down?

Sneetches and Snootches only:

  Sneetches Snootches
Sneetches 4 3
Snootches 3 2

Sneetches and Snootches and Lorxes:

  Sneetches Snootches Lorxes
Sneetches 4 3 8
Snootches 3 2 16
Lorxes 8 16 -60

Find all the ESSes, in both cases.


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