Designing Bill Gates’ Bathroom

One of the questions from the Microsoft employment interviews for creative thinkers is: “How would you design Bill Gates’ bathroom?” I gave this question to my students at the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School. Most of them started by suggesting it be big and gold, but they also suggested more interesting ideas:

  • Heat the floor and the toilet seat.
  • Run a medical test automatically for every flush.
  • Provide a shampoo dispenser with a choice of 20 smells.
  • Paint the portrait of a favorite enemy inside the urinal.
  • Create a shower that looks and feels like a waterfall.
  • Install a face recognition system that immediately adjusts all the default settings according to who enters the bathroom.
  • Build a very simple bathroom and give the leftover money to charity.

Tell me your own ideas.


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  1. Christ Schlacta:

    I’d ask Mr. Gates himself what he would want before making any other assumptions, minimally securing a budget an approximate size, and some indication as to whether he wants flashy features or flashy appearance or some combination of both.

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