Touching Eternity

Every summer when I was little, my mom would take us on vacation to a rusty village far away from Moscow. I do not remember much, mostly just cows grazing on the grassy fields. However, one particular memory is really special and vivid.

I was five years old, tired of another day in the fields, lying in bed about to fall asleep. I started counting. I do not remember what. I am sure it wasn’t sheep; it could have been cows. Then, I got bored of small numbers and jumped to a thousand, counting from there. Then, I jumped to another even bigger number. After a few jumps, I realized that I could always add one to a previous number. The number of numbers must be infinite. Wow!

I will always remember the feeling I had. It was like touching eternity, being one with the whole universe.

You can imagine why I became a mathematician. From time to time, I am touching eternity and getting paid for the bliss.


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