An Affair

Many years ago, I visited a distant country and rekindled my friendship with a nice couple, Alice and Bob. I changed the names and do not remember the exact words. But here is the story.

One evening, I found myself chatting with Bob, and he decided to open up. He told me he was having an affair. After he finished his long story, I asked him whether he thought Alice might also be having an affair. He replied, “It’s impossible. She was never a passionate person. And recently, she became even more cold and distant.” I didn’t follow his logic but didn’t pursue the topic.

Several days later, I chatted with Alice, and she decided to open up. She told me that she had met someone and was having an affair. She told me that she never quite enjoyed sex with her husband, but the new guy fitted her perfectly. For the sake of symmetry, I asked her whether she thought her husband might also be having an affair. She replied, “It’s impossible. He is too busy at work, and recently, even more so. He goes on business trips twice a week and is always tired.”



  1. Dennis Lawson:

    I think I know how he feels.

  2. Alex:

    There’s no love and each of the partners has adopted ‘decoys’ that the other fails to decipher.

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