The Unstoppable Truck Driver

I wrote a lot about the inventiveness of my students. Here is more proof.

Puzzle. A police officer saw a truck driver going the wrong way down a one-way street but didn’t try to stop him. Why?

Many of my students came up with the expected answer:

The truck driver was walking.

They also found some legit ways for a truck driver to not be stopped.

  • The police officer was too far away.
  • There was construction nearby, so the police officer directed the driver to drive the wrong way.
  • The truck was a fire truck responding to an emergency.
  • The driver bribed the police officer.
  • The driver was a kid playing with a toy truck.

Some more ideas, rather far-fetched.

  • The police officer was off duty, so he called another police officer to stop the driver.
  • The truck driver was going too fast to stop.
  • The police officer was responding to a bank robbery, and stopping the truck driver was not high priority.
  • The police officer was driving the wrong way too, and it would be hypocritical to stop the truck driver.
  • The street was a dead end, and the only way out was to go the wrong way.

Some funny ones.

  • The police officer had a history of hallucinating and thought the truck driver was a figment of his imagination.
  • The police officer was a ghost.
  • The police officer was the truck driver.
  • The police officer was busy eating a donut.
  • The truck driver was the police officer’s boss.
  • The truck driver was the police officer’s grandma.


  1. Sue Katz:

    Your students have so much imagination!

  2. tanyakh:

    Thank you, Sue.

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