My Last Picture of John Conway

The picture was taken on December 21 of 2019 at Parker Life care facility right before dinner.

John Conway December 21, 2019



  1. Andrew Richardson:

    The picture isn’t showing up!

  2. tanyakh:

    Andrew, I am not sure what is happening. I see the picture. The direct link to the picture is:

  3. Andrew Richardson:

    I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but the link you gave there is http, but the page is trying to load https://tanya[…]ParkerLife2019Sm.jpg. If I go to the https url directly, I get a security warning from my browser and then a 404. I think you need to either reconfigure WordPress’s ssl, or change your images to serve from http. (Your most recent post has images that don’t load for me either, which is why I’m responding again after 2 weeks.)

  4. Andrew Richardson:

    The https link is My guess is it’s a WP plugin issue.

  5. Andrew Richardson:

    I see him now! =D

  6. Nicholas Williams:

    On 12/21 how apropos

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