Stuck at 225

My weight loss progress is progress no more. I am stuck at 225.

I have my morning routine. I wake up and jog to the facilities; then I weigh myself. Why do I do this in this order? Because I do not use an alarm-clock. I depend on my own hydro-alarm that wakes me up every morning very reliably. The downside is that this alarm doesn’t have a snooze button. I just have to get up, and get up very fast. So I have to relieve myself first; then I can weigh myself calmly. As a collateral benefit, by availing myself first, I get a slightly better result.

While weighing myself every day, I noticed some patterns. My weight is slightly better if I get a long night of sleep. I guess my availing is more voluminous then.

Another pattern that I noticed is that if I do not eat after 5:00 pm, I do not gain weight and sometimes I lose a bit; if I do eat after 5:00 pm, even a very light dinner, I can gain up to 3 pounds. This becomes a struggle and sometimes hunger wins. So I stick to the plan for three weeks, and then one moment of tiredness and hunger, one dinner, and, boom, I am back where I was.

This is even affecting my social life. I stopped inviting friends and family for dinner and I am tense whenever I visit my friends in the evening.

The surprising thing is that my system worked at the beginning. I keep asking myself what the difference is. I think I was strongly motivated and excited about my weight loss plan. It’s impossible to sustain that level of excitement, so I’ve adopted a new element in my plan. I decided to replace my initial excitement by external motivation. I am now listening to motivational tapes in my car. We’ll see.



  1. me:

    Weight plateaus aren’t necessarily a bad sign – you might be developing more muscle mass while shedding fat, leading to net weight gain while actually improving fitness. Try monthly photo shots of the belly?

  2. George R.:

    Friendly advice from a colleague (110 kilos( 130..before)avoid “pounds” also! They are more! ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    STOP weighing every day! You know better that correlation does not necessarily imply causation… Once or maximum twice a week is sufficient.

  3. S:

    Have you seen this? (Written by a CS professor.)

    It seems that you have now reached the break-even point (caloric deficit = 0).
    So it seems that way forward would be to increase the number of calories burnt.
    Very hard I know. ๐Ÿ™

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