Prepare for the Hunt

The MIT Mystery Hunt starts on Friday. My old team—Manic Sages— fell apart after last years’ hunt. My new team—Death and Mayhem—started sending us daily practice puzzle to prepare for the hunt.

Today’s puzzle was written by Paul Hlebowitsh. As usual, the answer is a word or a phrase.

Puzzle 3: Humans

“After a long day taking care of the animals, it’s good to unwind by letting the taps flow.”

Tap 1: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Tap 2: Lagunitas Pale Ale
Tap 3: 21st Amendment “Brew Free! or Die IPA”
Tap 4: Wachusett Blueberry
Tap 5: Harpoon UFO

Alice, Bob, Carol, Danny, Erica, Fred, and Gregario, the seven children of Noah, went to a local bar before the flood to get drinks. Accounts of night vary, and no one remembers exactly what happened, but some facts have become clear:

  1. Everyone had two drinks, in some order.
  2. Danny liked his first drink so much he had it again. Everyone else had drinks from different breweries.
  3. Erica was the only person to drink an IPA.
  4. Four people had the Wachusett Blueberry as their first drink.
  5. One person had the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale as their first drink.
  6. Alice only drank beers with headquarters in California, in order to spite Bob and Danny.
  7. Two Harpoon UFOs were ordered, as well as two Sierra Nevada Pale Ales. 8
  8. Alice’s second drink was the same as Fred’s first drink.
  9. Bob and Danny hate California and refuse to drink any beer from a company that’s headquartered there.
  10. Alice and Erica had the same first drink.
  11. Fred had a Harpoon UFO.

Who ordered which drinks and in what order?



  1. Konstantin:

    Which of these bears are only headquarters in California?

  2. Tanya Khovanova:

    Konstantin, You are not expected to know, you are expected to google. The first three beers are from CA.

  3. Tigran:

    Wow, MIT Mystery Hunt — I spent 4 years on that campus and never knew about this 🙂 Now I have another reason to go back! Hope your team wins this year Tanya!

  4. Tanya Khovanova:


    You do not have to be at MIT or in Boston to join the hunt.

  5. Tigran:

    Hah, interesting, I was reading on their website that the point is to find a coin hidden on the campus so I assumed you probably need to be there.

  6. Tanya Khovanova:

    Tigran, If a team wants to win, one of the team members needs to be on campus.

  7. Brian:

    I think I got it, but I don’t see a word or phrase in the answer.

  8. Tanya Khovanova:

    Brian, you probably solved the logic and got stuck at the extraction stage. There are clues in the puzzle.

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