Number Gossip Has Been Killed

I recently received an invoice from Jumpline, Inc. requesting a payment for hosting I had never heard of Jumpline before and I didn’t have a webpage with that address. So I thought that it was spam.

Because the invoice had my name and address, I decided to call them and check what was going on. It appeared that Jumpline had swallowed Hosting Rails, the company that was hosting my Number Gossip page. Still, I didn’t have a clue what the invoice was about.

I asked the representative whether the web address was related to Number Gossip, and he said no. So I canceled the hosting. My work schedule is the busiest in July, so I forgot about the invoice and didn’t check my website.

Then I received a letter from Christian, a Number Gossip fan, who told me that the website was down. I called Jumpline again.

It appears that the representative didn’t know what he was doing and misled me. The web address was an internal name for my Number Gossip site. They had deleted all the files and were unable to restore my website.

Now I have to decide what to do. I do not want to go back to Jumpline as they are very unprofessional in these ways:

  • hey didn’t notify me that no longer exists.
  • They didn’t give me a new password that would have allowed me to look at my account. I had to do everything by phone.
  • They sent me a confusing invoice that I was certain not to recognize.
  • Their representative didn’t have a clue what was going on.
  • They couldn’t restore the webpage I had for years although they had only canceled it less than two weeks before.
  • The representative promised to connect me to a manager and hung up.

Can anyone suggest a company that can host a website that is written in Ruby on Rails?



  1. Sue VanHattum:

    Has any of the material been lost?

  2. Paul Salomon:

    I’m so sad. I noticed the site was down the other day, and I wondered what was up. It’s horrible that you lost your files. I’m very angry with that company, because I LOVED number gossip.

  3. Tanya Khovanova:

    Sue, I have the data.

  4. ano:

    I hope you get it back up. In the meantime, the Internet Archive is a godsend:

  5. Robin Houston:

    Heroku seem to be a popular choice for Rails hosting.

  6. Shecky R:

    I wasn’t familiar with the ‘number gossip’ website, but I assume it is the same as this one at least partially still available through the internet’s archival ‘Wayback Machine’:

    hope this helps???

  7. Jonathan Page:

    Heroku, Engine Yard, and A Small Orange all support Ruby on Rails. If traffic is low enough, you might even be able to fit into Heroku’s free plan.

  8. Felipe Pait:

    I was going to transmit a student’s suggestion,, but I’ve been scooped, so I’m just saying hello!

  9. manu: is quite good and cheap and good customer service..and so is heroku

  10. Gregory Marton:

    I’ve also heard good things about heroku, though I haven’t used it yet myself.

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