Picasso’s Diagnosis

Portrait of Dora MaarI have a problem with my binocular vision. The muscles that are responsible for moving my eyes outwards are very weak, much weaker than the muscles that move my eyes inwards. When I am very tired, I can’t focus on people or things that are far away. I start seeing doubled monsters with extra eyes and noses.

Luckily, instead of looking scary, the monsters look familiar. In fact, they look exactly like Picasso’s portraits. I bet Picasso had problems with his eye muscles.


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  1. Jaijith:

    I believe the puzzle is trying to coonnect eye distortion with picasso painting. Picasso’s cubism was initially influenced by African music .Picasso noted that ascent and descent of music waves forms as triangle. He understood that depicting the whole world by triangle alone is not possible. So he incorporated rectangle,circle etc in his paintings. The above painting looks like a male-female split. This points towards an imbalance in the energylevel in the third eye

    Seeing distorted image by eye muscle problem or eye lens issue hints towards extra heat developing in the nervous system. Normally when muscles get fatigued ,it shows a heat build up right? As per Indian Hindu traditional medicine system of Ayurdeva ,diseases of body and mind occur due to imbalance of three energies – Vaata, Pitha and Kapha. Vaata is like movement energy ,Pitha is digestive energy and Kapha is lubricative in nature. Ayurveda says such eye problems as Vaata imbalance in our body. Eye lens getting dry is the reason for cataract as per this thinking .

    Now both the eye problem and the above picasso pic , points towards a third eye energy imbalance probably. (And I am not an expert in painting and medicine . But curious about both of these.) A six pointed star made by joining of a triangle and another inverted traiangle indicated merger of male and female in nature.

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