More Nerdy Jokes

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A note posted on the door of the tech-support department:

“Theory — you know everything, but nothing works. Practice — everything works, but nobody knows why. In our department we merge theory with practice: nothing works and nobody knows why.

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A plus is two minuses at each others’ throats.



  1. Xamuel:

    Here’s one which is a little crude (maybe appropriate for your dirty math jokes page) and sexist…

    A girl’s “number” is the number of guys she’s slept with. As a rule of thumb, to find a girl’s true number, take her given number (the number she tells you) and multiply by 3. Now for the joke, if her given number is “I don’t know”, then three times “I don’t know” is still “I don’t know”, thus her number satisfies 3x=x. The only solutions are x=0 or x=infinity; the former is ruled out since she’d know if x=0.

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  3. exceevetLof:

    My Friends,

    Figured I’d share this comical story. Esentially, A massively unlucky man got taken into custody after he blew gas near a cop in West Virginia.

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    A man is taken into custody after farting on a cop

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