Dear Spammer

Dear Nita Palmira,

I do not recall your name and I’m not sure where you got my email address from, but I really appreciate you contacting me. I am excited by your Two-Procedures-For-The-Price-Of-One offer. I am really looking forward to my enlarged penis and my DDD breasts.

Meanwhile, I can give you a unique group discount on IQ tests. I can test the IQ of all your company employees for the price of one test. Moreover, you do not need to waste even a minute. Actually, no one even needs to answer any questions. You can send me your $500 check to the address below and I will promptly send you the IQ report, the accuracy of which I can guarantee.

Sincerely yours.


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  1. colorblind:

    The XKCD forums discussed the accuracy of on-line IQ tests a while ago. I think the consensus was all IQ’s were 147. Also, I am disappointed you didn’t offer a “premiuum package” where you offered to improve their IQ scores for only $500 more.

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