Dirt Sells

Two month ago I made a minor rearrangement of my math humor page. The traffic to that page tripled. Would you like to know what I did? I collected all the suggestive jokes in one chapter and named it Dirty Math Jokes.

Mathematics is so far from sex that stumbling on a math sex joke is always a special treat.

Combinatorialists do it discretely.

When those jokes were randomly placed in my joke file, it was easy to miss flirtatious connotations.

She was only a mathematician’s daughter, and she sure learned how to multiply using square roots.

So I decided to collect them together in one place.

Math Problem: A mother is 21 years older than her son. In 6 years she will be 5 times as old as her son. Where is the father?



  1. Gregory Marton:

    That last one is a gem!

  2. Jonathan:

    Agreed! I like that last one…

  3. CoolMathGuy:

    Interesting but very clever jokes! I had to laugh at the last one! Thanks!

  4. Geneal:

    There are two approaches to the Math Problem. Grem and I used different ones. Grem solved the simultaneous equations and then figured out the answer to the question. I figured out the necessary answer to the question first and then did the math to check whether the problem had been stated correctly. So I posed it to a number of people who I thought might have a chance of solving it. Most couldn’t, which tells you something about who I know. My son did what I did, which maybe tells you something about the heritability of cognitive styles. Most of those who solved it did it Grem’s way, and in a couple of cases they concluded that the solution to the simultaneous equations has no physical correlate, which tells you something about their mental flexibility.

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