Lennart Green

Lennart Green is an amazing magician who performs card tricks. He is so good that the judges at the competition of the International Federation of Magic Societies didn’t believe his tricks. They assumed that he used the help of stooges, and unfairly disqualified him. At the next competition he used a judge to assist him and won first place in the cards category.

I saw his performance twice. Both times he brought a woman to the stage, but each time it was a different woman. It was clear that he talked to each woman before the performance, presumably asking her permission. Furthermore, during his performances, both of the women looked slightly bored, implying that it might be not their first time. My first impression was that the women were a part of the act. I was fooled just as the judges had been fooled.

What can I say? Lennart Green isn’t skilled at picking up the right women. Watch his performance at TED, and remember that he proved that the assistants were clueless.


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