First Name: David
Last Name: (hidden for privacy protection)
Year of Birth: (hidden for privacy protection)
email: buchanan1985@gmail.com



  1. ColorblindAndNotTooSharpEither:

    Depends on the context. 1985 Could be the year David graduated from any number of schools he may have atended, or the year he got married. Buchanon isn’t that uncommon of an American name. If you know anything about the person or have read any of their messages, the degrees of those ambiguities decrease.

    My e-mail is moreorless lastname6@domainname.net. Why the 6?

  2. Tanya Khovanova:

    Was your email assigned automatically? Do you have a common last name?

  3. Christ Schlacta:

    I’m guessing the 6 is theyear you were born. that would make you.. 4 or 5 now ? welcome to the internet!

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