Gelfand’s Memorial

Israel Gelfand’s memorial is being held at Rutgers on December 6, 2009. I was invited as Gelfand’s student.

My relationship with Gelfand was complicated: sometimes it was very painful and sometimes it was very rewarding. I was planning to attend the memorial to help me forget the pain and to acknowledge the good parts.

I believe that my relationship with Gelfand was utterly unique. You see, I was married three times, and all three times to students of Gelfand.

Now that I know that I can’t make it to the memorial, I can’t stop wondering how many single male students of Gelfand will be there.



  1. misha:

    You should ask somebody who goes there and knows you to be your matchmaker there.

  2. David Wilson:

    Trawling a memorial service? I’m not going to mention the word cougar. 🙂

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