No Odd One Out

My recent blog puzzle where my readers had to choose the odd one out became extremely popular and was republished in many blogs around the world. Some commentators decided that my posting was a joke and an example where the odd one out didn’t exist. I have to disappoint them: as a protest against find-the-odd-one-out questions and to illustrate that sometimes there is no good choice for the odd one out I would have chosen a different picture:

Find Odd One Out

Can you find the odd one out?



  1. Jonathan:

    The circle is the odd one out.

    1. No border
    3. No red
    4. No big
    2. No square and
    2. White pixel artifact inside black band

    Since 2 has two things different, and all the other have one thing different, 2 is the even, er, odd one out.

  2. Tanya Khovanova:

    I am sorry about white pixels, they are not supposed to be there.

  3. Jonathan:

    I know, I was teasing. Though if it is something that is not easy to handle, a red rectangle with border might do the trick.

  4. Jason:

    I figured the odd-one-out was the one that you removed—the only one that *couldn’t* be identified as an odd-one-out. Very cute, if you ask me.

  5. colorblind:

    Is one of those shapes green again? This is killing me…

  6. permutate:

    the last one 😉

  7. Maarten:

    They all are. Each of the four has an argument supporting removal or belonging to a group.

  8. Vishal:

    The last one.

    Because that’s the only one that can’t say “I am the only one without any X”.

    First one can say “I am the only one without any borders.”
    Second one can say “I am the only one without any corners.”
    Third one can say “I am the only one without any red.”

  9. João Azevedo:

    I would say again the first because it’s the only one with one color

  10. João Azevedo:

    I made fast judgements, but in other point I don’t know if really there is one odd one. 😛
    It seemed to mne that every one has a unique characteristic but share other two common characteristics

  11. Noam GR:

    yay, I was one of those bloggers lol; I didn’t give the answer in my blog but the joke was that the one that had nothing odd about was actually the odd one out 🙂

  12. Deusovi:

    The answer is simply “No.”

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