MythematicsIn the book “Mythematics: Solving the Twelve Labors of Hercules” Michael Huber adds details to Hercules’ labors so that in order that he can do each task, you need to help Hercules solve two or three math problems. For example, to defeat the Nemean Lion Hercules needs to solve the problem “Zeus Makes a Deal”, which is a Greek-myth version of the Monty Hall problem.

The problems in Mythematics are quite advanced. They range in topic from algebra, geometry and probability to differential equations and integral calculus. Plus, as a reward for helping Hercules, Huber gives you variations on Sudoku puzzles.

Solving some nice math problems might not be the only reason for people to buy this book. Here are some other reasons:

  • Greek myth lovers may find extra motivation to do mathematics.
  • People will earn that extra gratification of imagining that they are doing good deeds while solving math puzzles.
  • Puzzle lovers can learn or refresh their knowledge of Hercules’ labors.

I like Huber’s approach. Future possibilities for more books are endless. Let’s write new math problems based on Harry Potter, Batman, the Bible or, maybe, The Joy of Sex.


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  1. David Wilson:

    Won’t adding math take the Joy out of Sex?

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