Nerdy Wedding

My son, Alexey Radul, married Rebecca Frankel recently. They had a nerdy wedding. You can judge just how nerdy by this poem written and presented by Gremio (Gregory Marton), the best man:

In this summation, may there be no subtraction;
May you multiply blissfully, and find no division;
May the roots of the power of your love run deep;
May the logs of your joys be exponentially steep;
May you derive greatest pleasure from integrating your lives,
And well past your primes, retain composite rhymes.
This group gathered here, on that lush green field:
May we help you build proofs on the vows you just sealed.



  1. Felipe Pait:

    Congratulations! It was nice to talk to him a few weeks ago on the Mass Ave bridge!

  2. Rumana:

    Hi – I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I enjoy it a lot. That speech that you have is amazing! Very heartwarming and creative.

  3. misha:

    He-he, very funny rhyme! As the Bible says, divide and conquer, then be fruitful and multiply.

  4. yasmeen:

    I love it! Would I be able to get permission to use it at my own wedding?

  5. Gregory Marton:

    Yasmeen, of course! Thanks for letting me know you liked it that much!

  6. yasmeen:

    wonderful! we will of course give credit as it is due 🙂

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