My Toilet Invention

One of the best inventions of recent years is toilet seat covers. So whenever I visit a bathroom without seat covers, I curse and make my own out of toilet paper. This is not very effective, as toilet paper doesn’t stay nicely in place and it takes a lot of time, when time might be of the essence. Besides it wastes a lot of tissue.

When I come into a toilet and see a lot of long pieces of clean toilet paper lying around, I know that someone else tried to create a seat cover before me.

So here is my idea. Why not make individual packages with folded toilet seat covers, like kleenex packets? When I couldn’t find toilet seat covers in my local pharmacy, I started wondering how to patent my idea and dreaming about a lot of money. But before I let myself get too excited, I checked the Internet. My new toilet-seat-covers-to-go were already available. So I bought some. Now, every time I flush them, I watch my potential patent going down the toilet.



  1. Martijn:

    Yes, neat idea. 🙂

    They’ve been available in e.g. some hotels in Europe for years; I think everyone knows about them here.

  2. misha:

    Happens to the best of us, I’ve had some too, keep trying.

  3. misha:

    Some people have a different solution to the problem: a squat toilet.

  4. misha:

    Here is an illustration.

  5. Sean:

    They’re fairly common in the bigger retail chains like Wal-Mart, Target, etc..

  6. Louis Price:

    For seat covers, i prefer to use cotton or polyester woven fabric because i like its feel.,’;

  7.  Gate Latch:

    i always prefer to use leahter seat covers because they last longer and it is easier to clean too…

  8. Holly Martin:

    i always prefer natural leather as my seat cover coz i love the feel of leather;’:

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