A Killer Puzzle

I’ve been translating a lot of linguistics puzzles lately. Now it is my turn to create a new linguistics puzzle. Here are some English phrases with their Russian translations:

  • John killed Mary — Джон убил Мэри
  • Mary killed Sam — Мэри убила Сэма
  • Sam killed John — Сэм убил Джона

Your task is to translate into Russian the following sentences:

  • John killed Sam
  • Mary killed John
  • Sam killed Mary

Bonus question. Have you noticed any signs that I am getting tired of linguistics?



  1. Interested Person:

    Джон убил Сэм.
    Мэри убила Джон.
    Сэм убил Мэри.

  2. Also interested person:

    No, isn’t it

    Джон убил Сэма.
    Мэри убила Джона.
    Сэм убил Мэри.


  3. Tanya Khovanova:

    Also interested person is right.

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