Statistics Homework

Teacher: Why didn’t you do your statistics homework?
Student: I read a statistical study that the students who spend more time on their homework get lower grades.
Teacher: So you didn’t do your homework in order to increase your grades?
Student: Yep.
Teacher: I have been teaching you that correlation doesn’t mean causality. Did it ever occur to you that students with good grades already know some of the material and they do not need much time to complete their homework?
Student: Oh?
Teacher: You are getting an F for not doing your homework. Now you might understand causality better.


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  1. apurv:

    hehe. Here’s another one my friend told me.
    There was a survey which said that children who are scolded less by their parents tend to become more successful.
    So people who read it stopped scolding their children assuming causality.
    But it was a failure as it turned out children with brains were good at their work and hence were not scolded!
    (Though i seriously doubt this experiment has ever been conducted, but its good for a conversation :))

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