The Word “Love” and Tomatoes

— Do you love tomatoes?
— Eating them — yes; otherwise not so much.

The word “love” expresses an emotion. But the range of emotion it can span is an enormous interval between a slight preference and a burning desire.

— Do you love tomatoes?
— I love tomatoes so much that I eat them with ketchup.

Still we can usually figure out the intensity of this emotion from the context. When someone says that he loves M.C.Escher, nobody concludes that he is a necrophiliac.

I do feel lucky that there is a special variation of the word “love” reserved to express passion. When I say that I am in love, everyone understands that I am talking about a man. You can’t say, “I am in love with my stick-shift car.” Or, maybe, you can; but I am stepping into the territory of dirty jokes:

— Anyone know any? I have lots of tomatoes, but they’re all green. A dirty joke or two might make them blush.

Why am I writing this? I do not even like tomatoes. Maybe it is because yesterday I bought some prunes and they reminded me of the tomato who went out with a prune, because he couldn’t find a date.


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  1. Anton Sherwood:

    “I’m in love with my car” is a song by Queen.

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