The Symmetriad

For his Master’s thesis, my son Alexey Radul wrote the Symmetriad — a computer program to compute and display highly symmetric objects.

Diamonds are Forever

Great Jaws

The Planets are Aligned

The objects the Symmetriad is after are the 4D generalizations of Platonic and Archimedean solids. His thesis contains a picture gallery made with the Symmetriad, and these are my three favorite pictures.

The pictures have cute titles. The problem is that I still haven’t installed the WordPress plugin that allows me to put captions under the pictures. That is why you have to guess which title matches which picture. The titles are: “The Planets are Aligned,” “Great Jaws,” and “Diamonds are Forever.”

If you are wondering why one of the pictures shows a non-connected object, in fact the object is connected, but some of the edges are white, so that you can better see 3D cells of the object.

Subsequent to the publication of this thesis, Alexey enhanced his software to make even more dramatic pictures. The following pictures have no titles, so feel free to suggest some:

F4 involution



I think it would be nice to publish a book with all these pictures. As a book on symmetries should be published on a symmetric date, the next opportunity would be 01.02.2010.


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  1. Maxim Kazarian:

    In fact, if your book with pictures will not be ready by the 2nd of January 2010 you still have a chance to publish it on the 1st of February, say, in Moscow.

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