I am a Computer Addict

I know I’m a computer addict, because:

  • When I just wake up, before opening my eyes, my first thought is not that I need to run to the bathroom, but rather, “I need to check my email.”
  • My computer desk is the farthest surface suitable for eating from my kitchen, still I have most of my meals there.
  • To take a break from my laptop I play evil level websudoku. To take a break from sudoku, I check my email.
  • I gave a name to my laptop — Richard. Now when I travel I never feel lonely — I have my own Dick with me all the time.

If you’re reading this, you might be as bad as I am. Please finish this sentence and add it to comments below: “I know I’m a computer addict, because …”



  1. valentina:

    every live conversation ends up in Google

  2. Tracker:

    the idea of losing my laptop fills me with sadness.

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