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My Number Gossip page is on hold. I am out of work and can only afford to spend time on things that can bring me my next job. As a result, numbers suffer. If you would like to support the website, consider donating to Number Gossip. With your donations, I will be able to spend more time on the website. There are many things I would like to do. Here are the three most important and fun areas that I would chose to work on.

  1. Do you know that 40(forty) is the only number whose constituent letters appear in alphabetical order? I have about 1,000 unique number properties like this on my number gossip website. I also have about 600 properties in my database that need to be checked before adding them to the website. Being a perfectionist I double-check and recheck all the properties. As a result, my webpage is quite rigorous and reliable. As a downside I need a lot of time to add new unique properties to the website and 600 of such properties are waiting impatiently to join their comrades in the public view.
  2. Have you heard about aspiring or untouchable numbers? What about practical or perfect numbers? There 50 famous properties like that that my website currently allows you to check for your favorite number. For example, 33 is deficient, evil, lucky and odd at the same time. There are many other properties I plan to add in the future. If you would like to know whether or not your favorite number is brilliant, fortunate or primeval, consider donating to Number Gossip.
  3. Currently the limit for numbers you can input is 10,000. Some of the basic properties are very difficult to check. The expansion is not trivial and will require significant tuning of my algorithms. Even so, I would like to do that.

I’ve devoted many years to this project, and now I need some financial help. If you know a person or a company who wants to sponsor numbers, please ask them to contact me at (tanyakh at yahoo).


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  1. don't have one:

    33 and 40 are my fave numbers

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