Jumping Off the Cliff

I did it. I handed in my resignation letter to my boss. I’m resigning effective Jan 3, 2008. If you want to know why I’m waiting until next year, I can give you several reasons.

  • First, Christmas-time is usually the most enjoyable work time because no one is there. It is quiet.
  • Second, I’m superstitious: I believe the way I greet the New Year determines how the New Year is going to go, so I want to be employed at the strike of the midnight clock.
  • Last but not least, it appears that to get my company’s annual profit-sharing bonus, I have to be employed on December 31st.

I am happy and sad at the same time. In four and a half years I’ve made a lot of friends and accomplished a lot professionally. Now it is my time to move forward. Where is forward? It is in the direction of a cemetery, but I would rather be doing something more meaningful to me than battle management while I am slowly crawling there.


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  1. Aires:


    Thanks for sharing. I’m passing through a very similar situation (leaving my job to pursue academic accomplishments – although in CS, not in Math, it’s even pretty similar), and it’s good to hear for someone else’s experience.

    I’m reading your blog from the start, and am waiting on reading how does it developed.

    Kind regards, Aires

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