My Mid-life Crisis

For 25 years my children were my priority. I made several decisions in my life that benefited my family, but “harmed” my mathematical career. I do not regret any of my choices. After all, being a single mom made me a more confident, stronger person. Maybe this will help my career in a long run.

Now that my youngest son is 16 years old, my life can’t revolve around him anymore. Now I must think about the meaning of my life, beyond bringing up children. The only thing I want to do is mathematics. I am actually doing some math on weekends, but I really want to do it full-time. My tasks at my job are getting further and further from mathematics and research. In short, I feel that my job doesn’t fit me at this stage of my life.

I really should find another job. I am somewhat scared of change though. I think that the first thing to do is to try to turn around the situation at my current job. There is a lot of interesting mathematics in battle management. The problem is to match a math problem to a charge number. That is, I would need to convince my management that the algorithms we design need a sound mathematical basis.

Here is my decision: I will try to find some tasks at my work that include mathematics and see how I can change my situation there by the end of the year. If I don’t succeed, I will have to think of something else. Let the Web be my witness. I will report the results to you soon.


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