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Hyperbolic Surfaces for Ukraine

As you might know, my team started a project, Yulia’s Dream, in honor of Yulia Zdanovska, a young Ukrainian math talent killed in the war. In this program, we will do what we are great at — help gifted youngsters pursue advanced math. To help the program, I started crocheting hyperbolic surfaces in the colors […]

Ready for My Knot Theory Class

I used to hate crocheting. Now it’s been growing on me. Share:

Preparing for My Knot Theory Class

I plan to teach knot theory to my students. So, I made four blue knots which are actually the four simplest non-trivial knots. Then I made the red ones which are mirror images of the blue ones. Then I fiddled with the figure-eight knots, which are the second ones from the left. Out of all […]

Less Annoying Hyperbolic Surfaces

I already wrote about my first experience crocheting hyperbolic surfaces. In my first surface I added two more stitches per current stitch. It took me hours to crochet the last row: the same hours it took me to crochet the rest. For my next project, I reduced the ratio. The light blue thingy has ratio […]

The Annoyance of Hyperbolic Surfaces

I do not like making objects with my hands. But I lived in Soviet Russia. So I knew how to crochet, knit, and sew — because in Russia at that time, we didn’t have a choice. I was always bad at it. The only thing I was good at was darning socks: I had to […]

Great Ideas that Haven’t Worked. Yet.

I’m trying to lose weight. Many books explain that dieting doesn’t work, that people need to make permanent changes in their lives. This is what I have been doing for several years: changing my habits towards a healthier lifestyle. This isn’t easy. I am a bad cook; I hate shopping; and I never have time. […]