Crypto Word Search

The puzzle below can be defined as a Crypto Word Search. Guess what needs to be done in this puzzle. The answer is a word.

Crypto Word Search

The hidden words are: DUKE, EYES, RUSE, WORD, WUSS.

The idea of a crypto word search came to me from a beautiful, but devilishly difficult, puzzle In the Details, designed by Derek Kisman. In the Details can be described as a fractal word search; it contains a crypto word search as one of the simpler steps.



  1. George R.:

    Τάνυα, can you spare some hint(s)? I don’t really grasp what is being asked…(but I am stupid ,ok,ok!) 🙂

  2. tanyakh:

    Hint 1. Count how many letters are used in the grid.

  3. Zet:


  4. tanyakh:



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